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03 / Imaginary Journeys / 2004
01 / Margaret Atwood (text mounted on tree) / 2004
02 / Michel Foucault (text mounted on cane) / 2004
03 / Frank O`Hara (2000 years old Cedar Tree, text A4 page mounted on tree) / 2004 / 94x114cm / handmade oak frame / 2300
04 / Sappho (text projection on stone) / 2004
05 / Virginia Woolf (abandoned deepfreeze boxes, text imprinted in print) / 2004
06 / Samuel Beckett (hanging text) / 2004
07 / Sylvia Plath (text in front of sacred graveyard stones, Shinto style) / 2004
08 / Imamu Amiri Baraka (Tokyo Girls Harajuku Station) / 2004
09 / Wislawa Szymborska (Tea House, Meije Shrine, Tokyo (text imprinted by overlay) / 2004
10 / Zbigniew Herber (text written on stone found at Yakushima Island, Tokyo Down Town) / 2004
11 / Ezra Pound (Chikurinji Temple Garden, Kochi, text imprinted in print) / 2004
12 / William Butler Yeats (Emporer's Path, Edo Era, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo) / 2004
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Imaginary Journeys Appendix by Jean Ruiter, Jonathan Green, Adriaan Monshauer and drs.Mirjam Westbroek (pdf-file, opens in a new window)
The Imaginary Journeys by Jean Ruiter

The Imaginary Journeys of Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare, Yeats and Others
Reading poems and thoughts of important authors, imagination starts to travel as the poets probably experienced themselves, before adding the text to the paper.
‘Journeys’ through their amorous and philosophical desires and visions.
Beyond visible horizons.
Poems or just lines, erupted from their visionary brains, belongs sometimes amazingly
well to landscape-details in other cultures, and do let me think like Sigmund Freud wrote: "Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me.", virtually or not.
Many of these lines and poems are multi-interpretable, so, reading them brings us to
unprecedented landscapes.
Not necessarily spectacular landscapes, though: there are many intriguing places that
remain unnoticed because they seem to lack `drama`.
Those landscapes only reveal their mystery to the attentive and sensitive eye.
“Traveling Japan” with the notes and thoughts of their Poetry, connecting them visually to landscapes they might never has been or seen.

Spiritually under the influence of their literary influence, the landscape will definitely
change according their will or desire.
A `New World` there where we thought we had seen it all.

© Jean Ruiter, 2004,
executed: march, april, may 2004
13 photoworks