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12 / Tokyo Blind Paths / 2002
01 / Triton office building and Mr.Yokouchi / 2002
02 / Mrs.Toyoda and Tokyo International Forum / 2002
03 / Tokyo International Forum and Miss Kanazawa / 2002
04 / Mr. Kase and Subway Monzen nakacho / 2002
05 / Mr. and Mrs. Furuwatari and Subway Daimon station / 2002
06 / Tokyo Metropolitan Office and Miss Yamashita / 2002
07 / Miss Shibata and Subway Kasuga station / 2002
08 / Subway Hongo 3-chome and Mrs. Kawabe / 2002

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The Tokyo Blind Paths by Jean Ruiter

The Tokyo Blind Paths
Throughout Tokyo one will find in the pavement a braille style`path` which lead the visual handicapped. For the ongoing route the path has lengthy stripes in the direction forward. At corners, crossings or entrances the stripes will change into dots.
All public buildings are provided with these paths as also all subway stations, bus stations and train stations.
Main routes in cities also are consequently designed with these paths.
The architecture of the surrounding building or constructions are of influence of the material they use for those paths. Sometimes made out of marble or steel but mostly from a plastic coated stone.
The series of Photographs I have made is mentioned as an investigation of these paths as an incorporate care taking of everyday social life in this urban architectural setting.

The original photographs are taken by an 8x10 inch camera on light sensitive Fuji negative film. The final prints are at variable size: 80x100 cm. The portraits are also made by an 8x10 inch field camera under available light conditions.

Tokyo 2002,
Jean Ruiter